Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[30] Gleaned from Glossies 1

I love reading magazines, and I have three or four which I reguarly keep up with. One of my long time favoritse is Women's Health Magazine.  This month's issue (March 2011), had an interesting article addressing running. I figured I would give my thoughts on “Run Less, Lose More Fat”. Personally, I feel this article is intended for beginners interested in running for exercise. I left my two cents worth on WHM.com:
Though Plosser employes technical terminology and runner speak, initially it is unclear as who is the intended target audience. As a runner who dabbles in endurance racing, the article has some nuggets of interest, but is written in a way that emphasizes the less is more approach. Part of it sounds like a lazy girl's fix, but I do like the tips for seasoned runners.
It would be neat if they picked it for their mail bag, but there was a marathoner who blew buck shot through every corner of the article, so if they select one, I am sure it may very well be that one. It may sound silly but one of the things that caught my eye the most about the article were the neon green, silver, and black Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 sneakers (retail $100). Being a tried and true Nike girl, it has been a while since a pair on non-Nike caught my eye. Unfortunately, the model used in the article isn't available on the website. When I was at the Fit for a Princess Expo at Disney with my cousin, she was on the hunt for a new pair of Mizunos. Being that she's completed a number of fulls and halves, I would trust her feet. Also, a couple of my friends swear by Asics, so I am very tempted to drop by the Asics Store near Bryant Park on my next jaunt to NYC for a gait analysis and fitting.  As there are some generic sensor holders out on the market, I could enjoy my Nike+ benefits while adding a little diversity to my running wardrobe.
Icing to accelerate recovery (© eHow Health)
From time to time, I pick up Fitness Magazine (March 2011) while hanging around the check out line at the grocery store. For the life of me, I don't have a subscription to this magazine. Like Women's Health, they cover a wide range of health issues specific to women. Also, like WH, their running related articles lean toward new runners. That being said, I really like this month's installment of “Get Fit: Run/Walk Guide” which focuses on 'Shin Splint Rx'. From high school, I have had trouble with shin splints, primarily due to lack of stretching, inappropriate footwear selection, and lack of knowledge base. I wish more fashion/lifestyle magazines touting the health benefits of running would include these sort of simple but important tips. It is quite likely that I would have been able to rebound from my high school sports injuries faster had I known the proper aftercare.
 Last week, I rambled on about my sinus problems which sometimes makes running a bit of a chore. While flicking through the latest issue of Marie Claire (which arrived on the same day), there was a sidebar about running in the rain. Growing up in Florida, I am no stranger to running in the rain (yes, it does rain in the Sunshine State). As summer time and hurricane season roll in, rain falls in buckets with the drop of a hat, so I am no stranger to the sun shower hustle. Interestingly, the Health Monitor sidebar gave tips for rainy day running, something I've never given much thought to. Like most people, rainy days are destined to be full of lazing in bed, cuddling on the sofa with a comforter, or succumbing to a movie marathon.  So now, I'm curious. Those April showers which bring all those May flower will start soon, so I think I may need to gear up.
Such a cute comic. Discovered it here.
At a recent visit to the mall, I saw a light weight running jacket (Torpedo) I loved at The North Face boutique from their Flight Series running line. I bought one of my favorite winter staples (Impulse ¼ Zip) at The North Face outlet back in December, so I am itching to invest in another piece. I really wanted an Animagi jacket for the winter, but the price tag stopped me dead cold. Of course, Nike also has their nifty new spring running jackets (can't choose between the Cyclone and the Vapor). Looking at my running shoes, I don't think I own a pair of trail runners. 
Thinking ahead to my trip to the UK in the summer, I really need to be prepared for the elements and terrain I am planning on running. Though two of the three races are road, the Martson Forest will be my first 5K trail race. Plus, if the weather is fickle, I don't want to be in a pickle (that rhyme scheme is completely unintentional).


  1. Since I'm a n00b to running (actually, sports in general), you may have more insight to shoe selection than I do. But for me, I felt that going to a non-brand affiliated running store to be fitted for running shoes was extremely helpful because 1) the people there are knowledgeable about running and 2) I was able to try on several different brands that had the proper support for my feet (normal/low arches, lots of pronation). If left to my own devices, I would have chosen shoes based on looks/price and they would probably not have enough support in them, which could lead to injuries in the future. I felt like I was in the Ollivander's of running shoes -- the right shoes will choose me, not the other way around. The shoes that chose me are "Ariel" by Brooks (the inner Disney geek goes "squee!"), and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were marked down 30% off (originally $130).

  2. I have severe brand loyalty issues, Kim. Once I find something I like, I stick with it. When I was in JP, I was hopelessly addicted to adidas, and since I've started running, Nike. However, I've been talking with my friends and family who run and Asics and Mizuno keep popping up in conversation. I am heavily considering a change up in my shoe line up, as I have realized I own FOUR pairs of Nike.