Friday, March 11, 2011

[21] Summoning the Lioness

Challenge: Nike+ Run Like a Lion
Intro: They say March either comes in like a Lamb or a Lion. We want you to attack it like the latter.
Goal: Synch 50 miles between March 7th (12A) and March 31 (10:59P) [Details]
Swag:  Hit it hard this March for your chance to win a pair of Nike’s most innovative new shoes - the Lunar Haze.

I always love a good challenge. It keeps me honest, and prevents me from procrastinating on my training, especially when I have a race scheduled. I am not expecting to lead the pack and win the shoes (though it would be nice), but I am going to push myself to knock out this challenge prior to the last week of the month. Naturally, I am leaving some room for negotiation, but I really want to stick to my guns. DC is coming up faster than I would care to admit, and I would like to nail a better time on my 5K.
Gotta get to work, Baby.
I have several large, time consuming work commitments coming up, so I am certain my stress level may go through the roof. The senior trip to Florida is also weighing heavily on my mind as it will be like sitting on the sun in Florida come April, and I would like to enjoy the pool and water parks just like everyone else.  Also, with spring rapidly making its way in, I need to start stripping off the layers, like the Under Armour Heatgear® Capris which are designed to help keep the heat trapped in on those cooler runnings. I'm planning a trip to {intmacy} to buy a bathing suit with appropriate support.

Scheduled Runs
  1. 3/10 (Thu): 5 Miles (568 Cal)
  2. 3/11 (Fri)
  3. 3/12 (Sat)
  4. 3/14 (Mon)
  5. 3/15 (Tue)
  6. 3/17 (Thu)
  7. 3/18 (Fri)
  8. 3/20 (Sun)
  9. 3/21 (Mon)
  10. 3/24 (Thu)
This morning, when I stepped on the scale, I was in for a pleasant surprise. After a month of fighting with a plateau, I finally smashed past 150 pounds. I actually started this mini-project when I first bought my Nike+ basic kit in 2009. I flicked through the Post-It Notes this morning, taking a moment to see how far I've come. One of the troubles I had last year was that I kept focusing on how much I had left to lose instead of celebrating how far I had come. When I finally hit that 130 pound mark, I think I shall take a photo of the compacted version of my journey. To make sense of the numbers, the number on the left is where I am at presently, and the one on the right (130) is my goal weight.
Finally smashed through the plateau I've been fighting. (Photo: Not Me... Yet.)
For a long time, I have had a fear of the scale. When I first started attending Weight Watchers meetings, I started becoming more comfortable with them. Now, weighing-in has become part of my daily morning routine. It is always the hardest to step up after a long weekend or a night out with friends, but it keeps me honest and focused. When I invested in my bathroom scale, I selected this one by Conair and endorsed by Weight Watchers. The design is nice and compact, but it is also accurate and easily switches between pounds and kilograms. If you are looking to invest in a reliable and affordable scale, I highly recommend this one.

The intimidation factor of weighing in drops dramatically when I know I've maintained a healthy diet and adhered to my running schedule. Its only after one of those long, lazy, leave-me-alone weekends, that the showdown causes me to break a sweat. My weekends from now through the end of April are booked solid, so I have to make sure that I am keeping healthy, taking time for myself, and roaring through like the lioness I am.

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