Sunday, March 27, 2011

[29] Race Comparison 1

Almost a month has passed since I ran my second half-marathon, so I figured it was time to take a closer look at my two races.

Who: Kahren
Age: 31
Division: Females 30-34 Years Old

I signed up for NW1/2M on a whim, to be perfectly honest. A week after my thirty-wonder-first birthday, I got an invite as a regular Nike+ user to sign up. I had been running since December the previous year, but I had never properly trained for a race of any kind, let alone an endurace race like a half-marathon. The energy at the race was intense, but I am certain that is how anyone feels when they take on their first race.

Race: Nike Women's Half-Marathon (Bib #5930)
Date: October 17, 2010
Overall Time: 3:05:44
Average Pace: 14'10"
  • 5K: 35:05
  • 10K: N/A
  • 15K: 2:03:26
No sooner did I get home from San Fran, my cousin, Kathryn, "made the call" and invited me to run the Princess Half with her. I was thrilled that she asked me because I am always looking for people to race with, especially if I can share it with the people in my life.

133 Days Later...

Race: Disney Princess Half-Marathon (Bib #13189)
Date: February 27, 2011
Overall Time: 2:52:09
Average Pace: 14'10"
  • 5K: 38:42
  • 10K: 1:20:17
  • 15K: 2:05:00
What puzzles me is that I thought I had started off stronger at Disney then I did at SF. I remember charging out of the gate in San Fran, through the dark, vacant streets, but feeling like I tired out and walked much more during that race. Also, the hills from miles 6-9 were torture on my knees and ankles. Aside from the last two miserable miles in the rain, all my times in SF were better than Disney. I wonder why... I took a quicker bathroom break, and walked much less in Florida.

Curious. Perhaps I made better time after clearing the 15K mark as it was Florida sunshine and blue skies all over Disney. I stopped for fewer photo opportunties as well. In 2010, I was 165 pounds, but when I ran in February, I dropped fifteen pounds.


  1. Do you take your measurements? You've toned up so much between October and February, I'd be curious to hear how many inches you lost. Lookin good sis!

  2. I should take my measurements. When I first started I did, but it was so discouraging and depressing. I think I'll do it tonight, so I can shop smarter in the future.