Saturday, March 5, 2011

[16] Lululemon & Yoga for Runners

Prior to February Race Weekend 2011, I went to Lululemon Athletica in Greenwich, CT. After being grossly disappointed in the racer back sports bra I was sold over winter vacation, I needed to find something more suitable for a runner and break it in before hopping the plane to Florida. I discovered Lululemon courtesy of an ad in my beloved Runner's World Magazine. Though their prices are a little higher than my tried and true Nike, their yoga inspired clothing also has running counterparts! I've worn my Victoria's Secret yoga pants into the ground, and I felt it necessary to widen my sphere of fashion! Support, in particular, is something I cannot afford to skimp on.

Entering a boutique, especially one in Greenwich, is overwhelming for me. You can always tell who the regulars and veterans are, and who are slinking in for the first time-- like me. What I love about the LA staff (both in Greenwich and Rye) is that everyone is so sweet and knowledgeable about their product lines. As a fuller figured athlete, it's a little embarrassing for me to ask for something to wrangle 'the girls' so as to avoid further tissue damage. Thankfully, one of the girls noticed my lack of ease, and took care of me without much fuss at all. I am now a enthusiastic supporter of the "Ta Ta Tamer"! I figured I would go with the standard black, but I have a hankering for some of their brightly colored counterparts! I like how the shoulder straps can be either straight or criss-crossed for a little extra control.

When I came back today, I thanked the girl who sold the bra to me, and she remembered my name! She also congratulated me on my race! I found a pair of their Run: Aspire Crops on Final Sale, so as they are perfect for Spring Training, I picked them up. Surprisingly, at 5'4", these 'crops' come down to my ankles! I could have had them tailored, but it's still a bit chilly outside for me! I got them in black with some ash and grape paneling, so they will match the new Princess 1/2 garb in my closet!

The Greenwich Store also offers yoga classes on Sunday mornings at 10AM. If I can roll out of bear early enough on the weekends I am off, I may need to trot over and learn how to properly do some of these moves. Sadly, the Rye Showroom is closing in a few weeks while corporate decides where in Westchester to put their boutique shop. The ladies there will be transferred to Greenwich, so I'll be able to get their advice as well! I bought a stainless steel Sigg 'I <3 Running' water bottle today and they gave me an awesome Super Hero bag!!

In the mean time, I will also be hitting the mat thanks to Women's Health Magazine! They prove monthly yoga workouts in their magazine and online, but what caught my eye was their article on Yoga for Runners. Once I get the basics down, I'll be attempting to tackle Tara Stile's Skinny Jeans Yoga Workout. I'll need to be much more flexible if I intend on doing that six week series without snapping a leg off at the knee!  Cross-training is no longer limited to biking and swimming for developing a strong core. Runner's World also runs a series of Yoga for Runners both in print and online which further emphasizes the crucial nature of yoga for injury prevention, stress release, and core training.

Time to hit the mat and then hit the road!

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