Monday, March 21, 2011

[26] Six Halves Equal Three Fulls

Last night while thumbing through Running Competitor Magazine, I saw the projected dates for the NYC Half Marathon Series, even though the NYRR site has yet to reflect all the data on their homepage. I would love to complete a half-marathon in each of the five boroughs prior to 2012 NYC Marathon. There is still time for the three remaining halves over the summer and in the fall, so there is still time to knock a few out this year, so I can travel more in 2012.

Goal: Run the equivalent of three  full-marathons by my thirty-third birthday (September 7, 2012)

Remaining Halves in 2011
  1. July 30: Queens Half*  near Citi Field and USTA National Tennis Center
  2. August 28: Bronx Half*  near Bedford Park
  3. October: Staten Island Half* near NY/SI Ferry
The 2011 Race Info* for these events has not been updated on the NYRR homepage, but the dates have been announced. I am keeping my eyes peeled for the registration dates, especially since I will be able to accommodate these three races! Originally, I intended on participating in the Nike Women's Half-Marathon (San Francisco, CA) for the second time, and then I was leaning toward the Disney Wine & Dine Half-Marathon (Orlando, FL) for my October race. However, if I am planning on making my two trips the summer, plus another over winter vacation, I need to run as many local races as possible between now and the close of 2011, if I want to be eligible for the 9+1 for the 2012 NYC Marathon.

Halves in 2012
  1. January: Manhattan Two Loops of Central Park (Sold Out for 2011)
  2. March: NYC Half from Central Park to Battery Park (Sold Out for 2011 )
  3. May: Brooklyn Half near Prospect Park (Sold Out for 2011)
All three of these races are sold out, and the opportunity to volunteer for them is no longer available. Darn!

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