Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[o5] Committing to Myself

Getting back into the swing of things, both running and writing related, has been harder than I anticipated. I got sidetracked for a little while, but I think everyone goes through a funk now and then. With the year winding down, work finishing up for the year, and as I prepare to go home for the holidays, I figure I need to get my ducks in a row.

I will try to chase up this old film over vacay in so Flo!
I started running just over a year ago, and though I shaved off twenty-five pounds, it's high time tackle the remaining thirty. When I signed up for NW1/2M, it gave me the kick in the pants to regularly hit the road and pound some pavement. It also encouraged me to eat healthier and maintain more control of what I ate. Between now and April, I have committed myself to the following races:
I have joined the New York Road Runners, but I haven't made much use of my membership since the UN Friendship Race on the New York Marathon Weekend last month. Once their race schedules get updated, especially for May and June, I am sure I will sign up for something. I can't keep traveling out of town for all of my running fun. Connecticut is close, but I need to see if I can find races in Greenwich and Stamford as both are within 30 minutes.

Once I am in better running shape, I will start making a more concerted effort to get out of bed on Saturday mornings, and join the Nike Store Westchester Run Club. I think one of my main issues with this has been I am simply too cheap to pay for mall parking and not actually go to the mall. Being a regular at my local Nike Store has also resulted in an exponential growth in my running wardrobe. I even ran into one of the employees at the Nike Booth during IGN NYC Marathon weekend and she remembered me. Good thing about my running clothes is they are light and easy to pack, but if I am going to seriously train while at home, I'll be hitting the outlet mall for some extras.
I loved this running image, but click to check out her home!
Sadly, even the Sunshine State has been hit with a cold snap, so I'll be bringing cold weather gear along for the ride. Though I doubt I will need heavy layers in south Florida. There's a great article in this month's issue of Runner's World about dressing appropriately for cold weather running based upon the region one intends on running. In "Comfort Zones" by Lisa Jhung (pages 99 to 102), gear and accessories are presented in six regional models. Being that I live and train primarily in the Northest, but I will be doing several winter-time races in Florida (December and February respectively), I found the article rather informative and helpful. I even passed it onto a colleague of mine who is also into racing.

Speaking of which, I came to the realization that several of my colleagues run. Whether its to get in shape like me or to do triathalons, its nice to know there is a "Run Club" under my roof. It's like Fight Club, but more of a Fit Club. There are also other athletes which makes for fun talk about sports and the best way to train and cross train for them.

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