Friday, December 17, 2010

[o6] Writing Up Resolutions

With the Greater Fort Lauderdale Road Runners' Resolution 5K in ten days, I figured while I am getting into training mode, it would be smart to start thinking about what I can hope to accomplish in 2011. In "This Year's Goals" (January 2011) by Ed Keystone, he presented interesting tips on how to combine a runner's three most sought after goals-- time, place, and fitness-- so as more effectively commit and achieve one's goals. This evening, I had some time to mull over and scribble out a laundry list. What started out initially as running specific goals, quickly branched to incorporate nutrition, living habits, and mental health. For now, I selected three goals for each category.
Piecing it together is only the beginning!
  1. Beat 2010 Nike Women's Half-Marathon time (3:05:44) at the Disney Princess Half-Marathon on February 27th. If possible under 3 hours.
  2. Try to beat my best 5K record (35'43") at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 5K in Washington, D.C. on April 3rd.
  3. Shave off 36 seconds and run a nine minute mile... more than once!
  1.  Advance from Green Level to Blue Level in Nike+ by year's end (11:59PM EST on December 31st; 389KM; Blue = 1,000KM).
  2.  Utilize the Nike+ Half-Marathon coaching program (12 weeks) to prepare for Princess 1/2 (Beginner Level; 12 weeks starting on 12.19.10) Note: The race will fall on the first day of Week 11.
  3. Claim at least one Nike+ Road Boss crown in my local area each month (and maintain at least three by year's end)
  1. Drop remaining 30 pounds by June 1st (five pounds a month)
  2. Begin (yoga, swimming, biking) on non-run days (three times weekly)
  3. Keep a fitness journal to remind myself of success, progress, and review for patters.
Committing my ideas to paper was simple, but sifting through all my ideas to solidify which paths to pursue took some time. I think I will print out and post this on my door to remind me every morning when I step the door. Also, I need to add structure and utilize my free time more effectively, and this will definitely set me upon the right track.  Doing the math and seeing how these pieces fit together is exciting. Would it be bad to start counting down to 2011 now?

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