Monday, December 27, 2010

[12] A Spring in My Step

While shopping with my high school gal pal today, I picked up another item from my wish list: Nike Fit XT Quick+.  From the time of their release earlier in the year, I have wanted these shoes in the original release model: Black-Anthracite-White-Varsity Purple. I am certain my local Nike retailers in New York will be disappointed that I dropped the cash in south Florida, and not in their shops where I would frequently visit my dream trainers. 

Getting ready to engage in a cross-training bonanza!
My friend who is an athletic trainer stressed the importance of matching shoes appropriately to the sports or training I engage myself in. I suffered from a mild case of shin splints last fall when I used my tennis sneakers to play volleyball. This resulted in an eye awaking (and slightly painful) learning experience. After that, I have no qualms about investing in proper shoes for each sport. Some may feel that this is carte blanche to go shopping, but as an athlete dabbling in new sports and learning to properly train, I find it to be a necessary and worthwhile investment in my physical (and financial) health. I would much rather drop some money on correct shoes than having to visit a doctor or specialist in the future.

Despite being a stability shoe for weight training, cardio, and drills, the shoe is surprisingly light. The diamond cut out sole, like it's running counterpart (the Nike+ Free Run) is taking some getting used to, but I do like additional cushioning, especially in the heel. The lightweight material will help them air out and keep them cleaner longer. I'll be testing their utility later this week. For now, I am breaking them in so as to be prepared for employment with the revamped Nike Training Club App. Might as well unveil my training mantra for the cross-training portion of Operation Foxiness Maximus.  

NikeWomen's Training Mantra: 
Make Yourself SUBLIME

Nike Training Club App Update
Despite being very cute, the former incarnation of the NikeWomen's Training Club application for iPhone kept glitching out on me. This resulted in minimal use of the application. I did like the option of training for particular sports: tennis, running, or soccer as well as the ability to take their yoga poses along. However, they have upped the ante and its a hard core training program, stripped of the cuteness and armed to the nines with fitness goals, workout levels, and much like the Nike+ Running system, a format for saving workouts, tracking progress, and unlocking goals and and rewards (like exclusive athlete workouts). Currently, to celebrate the new release of NTC, they are offering up the chance for three people to win a personal training session. The only stipulation: logging 1,000 hours between now and April 2011. I wonder what 1,000 hours of NTC would do for me! Better get to work on that...

Oh, the geek within rejoices. Like I need more reasons to become obsessed with working and geeking out!

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