Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[o8] Getting Down to Business

1/2 Marathon Training Day #02: I'm getting reacquainted with the treadmill at Mom & Dad's. Unlike the one up in NY, my Polar WearLink+ Heart Rate Monitor does not communicate with it. I am stuck either checking my BPM on my SportBand+ or attempting to get check my pulse using the metal grip plates on the hand rail. I will definitely need to use the treadmill during the day time because the soft lighting in the den doesn't lend to easy reading of the treadmill screens or my SportBand as neither are back lit. I like the belt on the home machine versus the one at work, but I love the HRM compatibility the work machine provides. 

Killed the assigned 6.44K (4 Miles) in just over an hour and change. I forgot my running headphones, and unfortunately my stupidly expensive HeartBeats by Lady GaGa headphones refused to stay in. I have tried all the different ear bud sizes, but none of them seem to fit. It breaks my heart that I shelled out so much money, and they just don't want to stay in when I workout. Wound up unplugging my iPhone and listening to the music through the phone speaker.

I need to find a room with a view when I can't run outside
I've seen some adverts for ear buds specifically designed for running, like the IE2 by Bose (with iPhone model available), but with the hefty price tag, I honestly need to do my homework before I invest in another high grade accessory. I cannot afford another disappointment, especially when it isn't something that could be easily resold in this economy. More and more races (at least the ones that have sparked my interest) prohibit the use of earphones for safety purposes, so the investment would purely be for my recreational enjoyment. 

Today they announced the race weekend for the 2011 Nike Women's Marathon: October 16, 2011. I am going to go for Little Blue Box #02, and I am hoping that (at least) one of my girl friends will run it with me! I had such a great time in San Francisco, so I cannot wait to do it all over again. I will be glued to their FB page and Nike+ until they announce the registration dates.

I have only started to focus on training for Disney, but I now I am thinking ahead to next October?! Is this normal? I certainly hope so. I have been  perusing other half-marathons and road races for the upcoming spring, but everything seems to be outside of the Empire State until May. I missed the entry deadline for the NYC 1/2, primarily because I was concerned about running a second half-marathon a month after the Princess 1/2. Technically, the NYC 1/2 would fall within my recovery period and since I am still a fledgling runner, I do not want to do anything that would jeopardize my health (and the ability to wear high heels at my gal pal's wedding in April).

Currently, my goal is two halves in a year (NWM & Princess), until I am a more confident runner. To boost my courage, I have signed up for a couple of 5Ks in between the bigger races. The ones I elect to run with friends and family are going to be for fun and those I chose to run alone shall be about split times, pacing, and limit pushing, and goal breaking.

12.21.10 Power Songs:
"Kissed It" by Macy Gray (feat. Velvet Revolver)
"We R Who We R" by Ke$ha
"Marry You" by Bruno Mars
"Big Yellow Taxi" (Cover) by Pinhead Gunpowder
"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

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  1. For gym headphones, I seriously recommend these: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDR-J10-Headphones-Non-Slip-Design/dp/B000092YR6/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1293034720&sr=8-4

    They don't sound particularly good (and they definitely won't sound as nice as the heartbeats) but they won't budge while running. They're also delightfully inexpensive. I've been using them for about 10 years. Whenever I lose a pair, I don't have to hesitate about replacing them.