Saturday, December 25, 2010

[1o] Heart on My Sleeves

Santa Claus stopped by and gave me more treats for being a good little runner. I lived in Japan for five years, and I am too chicken to get an permanent ink, so this is a nice way to show off my love for my second home without going under the needle. Training and running in the winter is still new, but I feel that I am starting to get the hang of it. At San Francisco, I saw many runners wearing removable sleeves in lieu of an additional under layer. Though I think they may look a little flashy, I really want to rock these at the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in February.
Awesome ink without the neddle?
The Swag: Sugoi Tatu Midzero Arm Warmers ($40.00 retail)
The Size: Men's Medium (a snug, but study fit)
The Materials: 84% Polyester & 12% Spandex ("Designed and Made in Canada!")
The Technology: S2 Insulation, "Warm Wick",  and "Breathable"
The Patterns: four swallows, one golden carp, dice, large pink flowers, stars, and a "Sugoi Forever" scrolling banner

In Japanese, 'Sugoi' means to be "incredible" or "outstanding", so their "Be Incredible" mantra is quite fitting and heartwarming. I will be curious to see what my coworkers and students think about my 'mafia sleeves'. I think they'll actually get a kick out of it.The next challenge is coordinating it with my workout gear, so I can show them off without being a blindingly bright rainbow of color. The sleeves were listed under biking gear, so its one more reason to get a bike. 

I will have to keep my eyes out for the Sakura and Moo-It! Cow sleeves!

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