Thursday, December 23, 2010

[o9] Burning Rubber & Exalted Warrior

After months of having the app stashed on my iPhone, I finally got my hand on my old bicycle and hit the road. I forgot how invigorating the warm, Florida winter could be. Aside from my wheels needing a tune up, it felt great to hit the sidewalks of my neighborhood on my mountain bike. Growing up in the Pines, the area I lived in used to be swamp land, but now its a thriving suburb (courtesy of several large hurricanes making Miami-Dade Country miserable). The neighborhood I grew up in, Chapel Trail, initially started out in one phase, and leveled out with phase four.

I miss my Japanese granny bike and the cherry blossoms...
I grew up riding around this neighborhood, so there is a familiarity whenever I hit the sidewalks. When I was a kid, I would ride my bike around, visiting my friends, but at the time there wasn't a local high school or post office anywhere near our neighborhood. The growth which this area went though after I went to college, and even after I went to Japan has been exponential. Thankfully, being located in the cluster of developments on the tail end of Pines Boulevard, means that there is still a degree of peace and quiet.

The iPhone App: iMapMyRide
The Route: Chapel Trailblazing
The Distance: 12.99KM*
The Playlist: "Take It or Leave Me"
The Notes: I have the check the accuracy of the route I traversed today. For some reason, I don't remember the area I've ridden being greater than eight miles (or 12.99 KM). I will have to use the application more before I can give a full review of it, but I do like how I can record other workouts, such as Nike+ and fitness DVDs.

To be perfectly honest, my yoga mat does not get much use, more so now that it's up in New York, and I am here at home in south Florida. I finally decorated my apartment, but the addition of furniture drastically cut back on the amount of space I can use for working out. Either I need to rearrange my apartment, or figure out an acceptable and easy way to set up my mat. I could use the floor lounge, but its cold and drafty in the winter time and I have to worry about passersby seeing my lack of coordination.

Realistically, I would prefer to take a class, but in Westchester County yoga and pilates instruction seems over priced. I am leaning heavily toward signing up for the Rye YMCA, but if I can get in the habit of training at home that would be extra money I can set aside for something else, such as registering for another race, more gear, or drop it into savings for my trip abroad next year.

Working on my cat stretches and my cat arches!
Today's FitTV Tidbit
The Program: Namaste Yoga with Kate Potter
The Episode: The Exalted Warrior (variation of Warrior II): "The  Exalted Warrior sequence is a standing series focused on moving through various Warrior and Triangle poses. This is a basic standing series with a beginner/intermediate level of difficulty."
The Duration: 30 minutes*
The Notes: I dislike how the workout is interrupted by commercial breaks. I would much prefer the adverts not interrupt the workout. Kate does have a DVD available, so I better add it to the list. 

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