Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[51] A Lil Pip in My Step

Pipsqueek's dirty little secret: trails and rails.
With the Royal Wedding in the history books, Pippa Middleton's moved onto greener pastures. Literally. In the wake of recent breakup and where do we find her? Competing and completing duathalons and triathalons! In the last month alone, she participated in the GE Blenheim Triathalon (June 4th; Woodstock, England)  and the Highland Cross 2011 (Jine 18th; Invitational Duathalon; Kintail to Beauly, Scotland).

I'm tired of the talk about Pippa's posterior and the simple suggestions some sites give about swimming and pilates. Take one looks at the girl's arms and you can tell that she's a long time athlete. Training for distance running takes time. Throwing added challenges of cycling and swimming into the mix is by no means a simple task. I have yet to graduate to this stage of endurance racing, so I am blown away by Little Middleton's accomplishments. 

I would be curious to see what training program she follows and if she is a Nike+ User. Looking at some of the pictures of the Duathalon, it appears she is using the same Gray/Pink Nike+ SportBand and Nathan Sensor Pocket that I have. I am certain that if she does use the Nike+ system, I am sure there could be a possible surge in users for those who are obsessed with following the Royals. Surveying her running gear, I do like that she is properly geared up for the events she is participating, including small details like racing gloves. From what I can tell is that New Balance 860s are her running shoe of choice as she is wearing them at both events.

If Runner's World UK could land an interview with her, it might pave the way for a new wave of younger female runners. I would fork out $7.99 (£4.50) for that issue, maybe even extra if they can get her to do a cover. She would be an interesting "I'm A Runner" interview. Honestly, I am curious to see what endurance race she chooses to participate in next or who's worthy to make her play list.

Oh, and her 5K time during the Blenheim Triathalon?



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