Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[44] On Cloud Nine

Last month, I plucked up the courage to visit a proper running store and have my gait analyzed. After wandering around running shops in the City, I elected to ask the capable staff at JackRabbit Sports on the Upper East Side to help me find the right shoe for my running needs. After a couple of rounds of trying on Mizunos and Asics (and a funny incident involving getting clocked in the forehead with box of Asics), I walked out with a pair of GEL-Cumulus 13s in white, snow, and twilight. I broke them in at the Japan Run for Hope, and I have been hooked ever since.

It was recommened that I pick a slightly more stable shoe, but when running long distance (and being shy about running in front other real runners), I felt more comfortable with a little more cushion in the heels because I know that I have a heavier heel strike when I am tired. I do overpronate a little bit, but adjustments to my stride and form need to be made. Personally, I know that the right shoe helps, but when I tried the stability shoes, I didn't feel comfortable. Plus, I think the color combination really spoke to me.

Having wide feet, finding a sneaker (or any shoe for that matter) with a wide toe box is a challenge. I was a bit crushed that I to pass up a couple of really cool looking Mizunos due to my Flintstone Feet protesting as soon as I slipped them on. One pair I really liked had slanted laces to alleviate the stress on the top of the foot. The colors combinations were not my favorite (some too flashy, while others greatly clashed with my running apparel). The largest (and most important) deciding factor was the comfort level. Mizunos are designed in Japan, but unlike Asics, have a rather narrow fit.

Remembering to attach my Nike+ sensor is taking some getting used to. I keep misplacing the darned thing (even with its cute little velcro pouch), so I am glad I usually have my iPhone with me so I can just switch on my Nike+GPS application. When I leave for the UK next week, I really need to have my gear together, so I can avoid crazy roaming charges when I try using the application. I am tempted to break down and buy the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, so I have one less thing to worry about while I am running. Everywhere I go, it have been sold out, so I may need to suck it up, pass on the instant gratification of an in-store purchase, and order it online. I will hate retiring my Nike+ SportBand, as we've had a great run together, especially since I got the RUNNYC2010 replacement SportBand for free last year. Again, the key point I have to remember is my sensor, in the event of GPS signal loss.


  1. If you decide to retire your Nike+ SportBand, let me know. I'm looking to add one to my running gear :)

    PS - I can't believe you head to the UK next week!

  2. I think I may keep it around as a watch (and I love my Run NYC band).

    I am so unprepared for this trip. I still haven't sorted out places to stay. My brain is on overload with end of the year stuff at work.