Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[o3] Bloody Murder Index

I'll be the first to admit that I have a big hate-hate relationship with the Body Mass Index. I learned of it after I gained a lot of weight, and felt it was just one more way to feel absolutely terrible about myself. For the larger portion of 2009, I hovered around a BMI of 30.


Obese was never a place I wanted to return to, especially after losing weight when I live in Japan. The stress of returning home and the inability to find a decent job for over six month, drove my weight back up, three pounds over my starting weight before departing for Japan in 2003. Every piece of clothing I had no longer fit, and I was forced to revert back to boxes of clothes that I intended on donating to charity upon returning from Japan.

After starting my job in New York, I was reminded of the extreme health consciousness and body image struggle I had when I first moved to Japan. Finally, I just told myself I to do something about it. I helped out with the school volleyball team a couple of days after school. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how out of shape I was and how frustrating it made playing sports. Playing with the girls helped me get back into being active, but it wasn't enough for me. I wanted more. It wasn't enough to simply play sports anymore. I wanted to enjoy playing again, but my weight stood in the way of it.

Finding a way to workout without joining a gym or searching for others to play team sports was key. Running was an individual sport I always envied people over. I would see people running at the campus next door or along the streets, and I wistfully dreamed I could do the same. Then I realized... why not?

In the last year, I have lost 25 pounds, and lowered my BMI to 27.3. Yes, I am aware that it means I am still in the "Overweight" classification, but it's in the middle of range (25-29.9). Perhaps my take on this progress is overly optimistic, but maintaining a positive attitude is the key to keeping my momentum rolling. I promised myself that I would maintain a healthy path while focusing on fitness and nutrition, so I am satisfied with the progress I am making.

I don't have to worry about screaming Bloody Murder when I step on the scale anymore. That comfort alone puts my heart and soul at ease. I just have to keep putting my feet to the asphalt.

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  1. Although it can be a helpful tool, I think the BMI is inaccurate because it doesn't take into account whether one's weight is mostly due to muscle mass, bone mass, or actual fat.