Saturday, October 23, 2010

[oo] - Start Line

Friends of mine fall into one of three groups: 1) naturally slim, 2) long-time athletes, and 3) happy couch potatoes. I fall unceremoniously into group three. I love desserts, movies, writing, reading, and being a foodie. All of which greatly contributed to my maxing out at 183 pounds last year. I stepped on the scale, had a good cry, dried my eyes and decided to do something about it. On December 5, 2009, I found a pair of Nike+ Bowerman Edition Pegasus 25s at Nordstrom Rack for $48. I had been toying with the idea of taking a stab at running, and when I saw the price tag, I simply couldn't pass it up. In the same building, I picked up a Nike+ for iPod kit, went home, laced up, and gave it a go.

I lasted about two days. Then the snowy winter rolled into Westchester and I threw in the towel. A couple of choice words from relative at Christmas, knocked the wind out of me, but also kicked me back off the sofa. I think part of my motivation to run on snowy January mornings was purely a way to channel my anger. I was angry at myself for not taking better care of myself, but angrier because what they said to me had some vein of truth.

Since then, I've logged over 555 kilometers  (345 miles), dropped 22 pounds, invested in some neat tech gear and participated in my first half-marathon. From here on out, I want to keep running, losing, and learning. Come run with me.


  1. Dearest Karen, I'm in a similar spot, a year later. I'm at 185, but luckily haven't given up yet. I'm so glad I can follow you on your journal and truly hope we can run the Disney Princess together in 2011.

  2. Bella, my apologies for this outrageously late reply! Tink's going to have to wait. Between you and Meghan, the next Princess Half is too important to me. I really need to get out to TExas and see you and your beautiful fam! We can do it!!