Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[o2] Busted

Despite losing 25 pounds in the last year, I am still a large busted runner. Today, I read an article by Women's Running Magazine, and found it rather informative. I have difficulty shopping for sports bras, as the local sports shops primarily carry sizes A through D. If I am lucky, I can find a nice and unflattering in one of three color choices: black, white, or nude. I get rather uspet that athletic clothing designers, especially the larger name companies, do not make athletic bras for larger athletes.

You know, more larger ladies would be inclined to work out, if they have effective and strong support. One of the things that has hindered my playing sports and staying consistently active has been my chest. Thankfully, as a result of running, I have gone down a cup size (from 3D/F to DD), but it still isn't enough for high impact sports like running or volleyball. I love these sports as well as tennis and swimming, but the added heft and pulling makes it difficult to enjoy the sports. Many say "pain is temporary, but pride is forever," but I feel there are certain limitations to this addage.

Unfortunately, the best advice I have received about bras for larger breasted women has only been at specialty shops. Though I enjoy shopping at mall boutiques like Victoria's Secret, I have been misfitted for bras on several occasions by their 'specially trained staff'. I do not even bother talking the sales staff at large sporting good stores like Sports Authority and the like as I rarely find an individual who is knowledgable about sports bras. They can sell me shoes, camping gear, string a tennis racket, and show me how to improve my putt, but you ask about sports bras, and they will pass the buck to the one female staff member who is at most a B cup and basically tells me "just find your regular size".

One qualm I have with sports bras for larger chests is the bigger price tag that comes with them. Granted, it isn't Nike, adidas, UnderArmour, Champion or the other large name companies churning out these items, so I guess a higher price is to be paid. In the article, Moving Comfort VP Julie Baxter gives rather informative advice about sizing, fit and maintenance for sports bras. I actually learned a couple of things that I had not known before. I have kept sports bras for years and worn them into threads, but it turns out that's pretty much the worst thing one can do. The best piece of advice for full figured, sports bra wearers:

"Sports bras shouldn't have birthdays."

Looks like one of mine shall be getting the ole heave ho ASAP! I hope I can find a specialty shop in my area for a consultation. If not, I shall wait until Christmas when I am home to go to my beloved friends at The Bra Boutique in Coral Springs, Florida. They sold me a fantastic sports bra by Freya when I was home over the summer time. It was worth every penny I paid for it. I need to find a stocker of MC's line of sports bras. I love how they have color!

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