Saturday, September 17, 2011

[59] Compatibility Issues

I knew putting all my run tracking eggs into a single technological basket would eventually come to bite me in the back. Since the purchase of my Nike+ SportWatch GPS, it has not only been my primary run tracking device, but time piece as well. Between the time I ran the Queens Half Marathon and the top of September, Nike decided to perform some upgrades to the Nike Running site and their software applications. Normally, upgrading is always a good thing, unless there is a sudden loss of communication between related devices.

Naturally, my technological black thumb returns! After two removals and reinstalls of Nike+ Connect (one for PC and the other for Mac), plus the soft reset of my watch, there is nothing I can do aside from:
  1. Take it back to the authorized retailer where I purchased it and request an exchange.
  2. Request a replacement which will take 4-6 weeks.
  3. Request an advance exchange (new device within 7-10 days, and 30 to mail back current item).
Giving the situation thought, I elected for option three as I don't want to belabor the wonderful people over at Westchester Road Runner with something that has absolutely nothing to do with them. The only hitch is that I am moving to Georgia within 7-10 days, so I have to wait until closer to my departure date to ensure delivery.

The most disappointing part is that they cannot-- or will not (I'm not sure)-- retrieve the data from the watch and manually upload it to my Nike+ profile. As a result, I lose three runs and a heartbeat workout due to their inability to remedy the software conflits. Honestly, I find this admission by Nike Running extremely disappointing, and I feel simply exchanging the device isn't sufficient. I have been a loyal Nike+ runner for nearly two years, and I have invested and supported the brand by not jumping ship to RunKeeper like many other runners I know. My fierce brand loyalty has resulted in friends and family following suit, so I feel that Nike should be doing more, or risk losing their corner on the running market.

[Running in Limbo]
  1. 09/09/11: [ 2.0 Mi | 27:39.69 | 13'43" | 220 Cal ]
  2. 09/10/11: [ Heartbeat Workout: Elliptical | 22:56 | 209 Cal | 154BPM ]
  3. 09/12/11: [ 3.65Mi | 56:53.73 | 15'35" | 420 Cal | 130 BPM ]
  4. 09/14/11: [ 2.0 Mi | 26:48.13 | 13'16" | 204 Cal | 131 BPM ]
The e-mail exchange with Customer Service went well, but it does not diminish my disappointment with the entire situation. In order to proceed with the exchange, I am required to contact customer service and provide them with additional information. As I am not the one with the issue here, I should not be the one bending over backwards to set the situation straight. I am certain that they are innandated with dissatisfied runners currently, but that is part of their responsibility as a customer care representative. Hopefully, I can negotiate an exchange quickly. However, for the time being, my critical runs will be logged with either the Nike+GPS app on my iPhone or my tried and true Nike+ SportBand (which I am glad I didn't part with).

No, no we are not. :(

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