Saturday, May 7, 2011

[38] Technical Support

When I started running, I was a 36F (or 36DDD). To be completely honest, finding a sports bra which avoided "Uni-boob Syndrome", "Sandbag Drag", and laying multiple sports bras for support was one of the most frustrating things I have ever experienced. Full-Figured Ladies, if you want to take up running or any other medium to high impact workout/sport, go get fitted for a bra. Yes, the brassiere boutiques will run two to three times the price of those lovely bargain buys at sporting goods shops or mall retailers, but I guarantee that you will find something that lifts, separates, and supports your girls. It makes you look lighter, feel more confident, and gives you fewer excuses to get active (also, very, very important)!

A serious bra for serious gals!
My first bra fitting was two years ago, prior to moving to New York. I went to The Bra Boutique in Coral Springs, Florida, and had my first holistic bra fitting. Without hesitation, I took home my first Freya Active Sports Bra (soft cup, no underwire), and year later, I ran my first half-marathon in it! Being the vanilla, boring gal I am, I opted for the safe, "nude" option, but now I see they have red, I may need to bring it back into my fitness arsenal.

Next up, I am in love with the Ta-Ta Tamer (T3) by lululemon athletica. The variety of colors, convertible straps, and in-store availablity for DD-sizes makes me quite happy. I discovered lululemon after seeing an advert in one of my magazines, and turned out there was a boutique (Greenwich, CT) and a showroom (Rye, NY) in my area, so I checked them out. The concept of mixing yoga and running is something I have toyed with for a while, so it was nice to see a brand which encompasses both without sacrificing function for fashion. After the waves of awe and intimidation washed over and away upon entering, I realized I found a safe haven, even as a full-figured athlete.
"The Definition of Support" by lululemon athletica
Like Freya, lululemon comes with a higher end price tag, but the quality of products are worth it. After running the Princess Half in February, the T3 became my running bra of choice. My only concern is that I am developing "Pokemon Symdrome" and have this need to collect the bra in multiple colors! I have three (black, white, and gray stripe), but looking at their catalogue and previous season items, I have a hankering for some color, too. Hopefully with my continued training, I can lose the remaining weight I need (and decrease my bust a bit more), so for now, I must hold off. Maybe once the summer is over and I've completed my next two halves, I can treat my girls to something flashy.

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