Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[36] Revlon Run for Women

Race: Revlon Run/Walk for Women's Cancers 5K
Date: Saturday, April 30, 2011
Location: Times Square to Central Park
Weather: 50s & Cloudy

Distance: 5K* (2.87Mi)
Bib #: 4227
Fashion:  2011 Revlon Run/Walk T-shirt, Red Nike Soccer Shorts & Nike+ Vomero 5s

  • Nike+:  26'05" (337.19 Cal; 10'08" Average Pace) 
  • Clock: 28'30"
Fund Raising
  • Goal: $300
  • Total: $430! (Thank you, Everyone!!)
  • Fundraising Progress: Please Donate Here!
[Packet-T-shirt Pickup]
Race numbers were mailed out two weeks prior to the event, giving me plenty of time to flex my creativity and decorate my bib with all the folks I would be honoring in the run. I used my evening off from work to head to the City and hit up the Times Square Alliance, one of the Revlon Run/Walk partners, so I could pick up my shirt early. Since I was running the race, I didn't want to carry any unnecessary weight (until all the free stuff after I finished). The ladies working the booth complimented my decorated bib, a nice little ego boost.
[Race Day]
Woke up early. Left early. Arrived early. Had a nice little lecture from a patron at McDonalds, but thankfully he was cheering me on at the same time. It was possible that he, too, was a runner at some given point in his life. He helped put a smile on my face and a little pep in my step. Got to Times Square and found myself overwhelmed. The TSA (Times Square Alliance) changed all the marquees in honor of the event. Everywhere I looked there was participant photos, Womentum, and tons of Revlon Red. It was great. Aside from the morning chill, arriving early certainly had its privileges. I managed to get in front of the stage for the opening ceremonies. Granted, this would later affect my run time, but what did I care? I had a front row space for Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Karen Duffy, Keysha Cole, Dr. Oz, Jimmy Fallon, and Nate Berkus. Took some shoddy photos and video with my iPhone, but it made me happy.
The National Anthem was sung by one of NYC's finest. I don't know what it is about a police officer singing which makes me all misty-eyed. Its the same thing is heading "Amazing Grace" (especially played on the bagpipes). The motivational speeches by the guests and sponsors were unbelievable. It broke my heart to learn that Karen Duffy, my MTV VJ Idol of my youth, was a cancer survivor and fighting another illness as well. It was inspiring to see her healthy and hosting the event, as a long time Revlon spokesmodel and event supporter. I would have hugged her if I could. She looks great. I also made two new running buddies, both first time racers and recent runners. Thank you so much, Elizabeth & Brenda, for fighting the chill with me. Too bad we didn't get on the marquee this year!
[The Course]
Unless I started all the way in the back of the pack on Times Square & 42nd Street, and counted part of the expo area after the finish line, the course was not 5K (4.62K). The jaunt up toward Central Park was easy enough, and the length across the bottom of CP was also enjoyable. It started getting tricky as the race started to snake through the park. I found it a little annoying that they only permitted use of half the road, and non-race participants were insisting on running in the opposite direction (and bitching about the race). There was a comment on the NYRR Facebook page which ruffled my feathers, citing Non-NYRR races like this one as a "taste of our own medicine" with regard to taking over the park. I fired back a comment because its races like these that inspire new people to take up running, raise money and awareness, and make friends.
I don't want to be a running snob like some people. I want everyone to enjoy it and share it.
Central Park doesn't belong to NYRR members, so they need to learn to share the playground with everyone else. I say this as a card carrying member of the NRA... I mean NYRR. ;) I may never become an elite athlete or win a race, but if I can motivate the gun shy runners like I once was, then I feel that I am doing my part to give back and expand the running community.
Though I wasn't able to catch up with any of the celebrity runners, I did enjoy the finish line entertainment by the Japanese Taiko (drum) band. It reminded me of mile 5 of the Princess Half, outside the Magic Kingdom ferries. Their taiko congregation was much larger, but something about those heavy drums makes me pound the ground much harder. The finish line came much quicker than I expected (as there is no way I can run a 5K in under thirty minutes let alone at 26 and change), but it was nice to be thrown right into the free goodies from the vendors. I snagged my Womentum medal and headed home.
[Archive] (From my 2011 EIF Page)
Support My Fight Against Women's Cancers
On Saturday, April 30th, I will be participating in the 14th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women. You can join me in the fight against women's cancers by making a donation on my behalf. Your donation will help fund important research into the cause and cure of women's cancers, prevention, education and support service programs. Every dollar will help bring us one step closer to a cure.

{ My Story }

January 2000.

Junior Year at UF.

I lost my Grandma Nina Peterson to Cancer.

I made her a two-fold promise: 1) Be a good girl. 2) Finish school no matter what. I refused to let her down. It's been eleven years since I lost one of the greatest people in my life. Left with so many questions about my family's history and her fantastic cooking secrets, I can't help but wish I had asked those questions before it was too late.

I haven't fundraised like this since high school, but I won't let that stop me. In my previous races, the names and faces were unknown and my donations were anonymous. I raced for pride, better personal records, and the free swag. This time I run for Nina, not myself. I'll run through the streets of NYC, knowing she's watching over every step.
Any assistance you can give, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated. I refuse to mourn her loss. I'd rather celebrate her life.
All My Love,
(Participant ID# 1201323)
Friends & Family I Run For:
  • My Grandma Nina (January 2000)
  • My Uncle Gaetan (November 1999)
  • My Aunts Celine, Claudine, & Pierette
  • Pat's friend, Midge
  • Meghan's Aunt Diane
  • Kim's Cousin, Michelle
  • Taryn, Dana & Alexia's Mother, Annette
  • Rusty's Uncle Don
  • Allyson's Family: Aunt Diane, Aunt Lucy, Cousin Sharon, & Grandma Dunsford
  • Sister Julie Reineke 
  • Alison's Niece, Sydney
  • Nicki's Grandma Betty & Aunt Joan
  • Danielle's friend Louise C.
  • Tom S.
  • Rusty's former roomie, Randy E.


  1. Great job raising so much money Karen! :) You rock!

  2. I couldn't beleive how wonderful and generous everyone was. I was only expecting $5 here and $10 there. When people started dropping double digits, my jaw dropped. I wish I could mail hugs. I mean really, really good hugs.